Why I Got Rid of Most of My Friends

“Every day we allow, and even encourage people to dump garbage into our minds…and into our lives…” – Prince EA

For many of you experiencing the shift into higher consciousness, you may find that your new found perspective doesn’t quite resonate with as many people as you would like. It can be discouraging at times because you feel so good, and don’t understand why others can’t comprehend that it is possible to be happy, always.

Social media is inundated with negative news, judgement, drama, and lets face it…garbage. The garbage people dump verbally is just as toxic as garbage itself. Like attracts like, and the more you feed into the negative…the worst it becomes. To rise above, remember to stay positive,  vibrate on a higher level, and don’t give in to the nonsense.

While separating yourselves from the old and merging into the new may feel lonely at first, it is better to be alone, than to fill the void with negativity. Sooner or later you will find a frequency of friendship that is in harmony with how youreally feel, and it will feel healthy, wonderful, loving, and beyond your wildest dreams.  Your body is your temple, and your mind is your telescope into the stars – keeping beaming out your intention, and the universe will reduce the static (garbage) and bring you peace.

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