Perhaps There is No ‘Becoming’…

We grow up to believe that we are supposed to somehow “become” who we are meant to be through the trial-by-fire that is life here on planet Earth.

Reality is…there’s no “becoming”.

It’s actually all an “un-becoming”, only to reunite with who you were born to be in the first place before society told you otherwise.

The child you are on the inside is your truth. This is who you REALLY are. The adult that has succumbed to the facade that society/culture is projecting is only an illusion….an illusion you can shatter by reuniting with your truth.

Be the child. Laugh for no reason, ask questions, don’t accept no for an answer, and let your imagination be your guide.

The “un-becoming” is your key to uncovering your true purpose, path, and passion.

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