Communion With Above Through Love

Communion With Above Through Love by Billy O’Brien

Humanity. Our goal in life is to be happy, our purpose in life is to create. We hope to unite both and find happiness in creating what we love, or, with someone we love. Love is the key to understanding what our purpose is. It’s not something that needs to be analyzed by the brain, it needs to be felt by the heart.

Your life is not what others believe it should be, it’s what you feel it should be. It’s something that drives you when you are out of gas, and nourishes you when you go hungry. Love is the most powerful force because it’s only one step before creation, which is the most powerful art form in this dimension. When you love something with all of your being- you are surrendering yourself, putting it above you, and embracing a humble humility that allows you to love universallywith respect. When you understand what love is and you respect it’s power, you are allowed a very special gift of being able to love unconditionally. It’s the seed of creation. Creating something that no marketing company can capture. It supersedes any product placement or advertisement. When a creator gives themselves to their craft, there is something natural, or supernatural, that manifests. Love is undeniable. When people try to deny love, they are left with the 7 Deadly sins….which can sum up anything that will remedy the Ego. The Ego is the antithesis of love. The Ego is what leads you quickly to death.

The Ego is a darker side of human nature. It puts itself before anything. It impedes creation and only allows consumption. The Ego congratulates itself to it’s own detriment and puts itself on a pedestal in order to find value in self worth. It forces you to build a shield to protect you from everything that harmed you previously. It is a product of Anger, Fear, Hatred, and Pain. These forces confuse humanity into believing it is the center of the universe…which is only an insult to the Sun.  The sun gives life, and the sun controls time – not mankind. We procreate and multiply, and spend our lives trying to control every moment.

“Man plans, God laughs.”

The sun is the center of our galaxy, and only a small piece of an ever expanding universe. Yet, it is always above us, and without it we cease to exist. The sun gives light and also projects a shadow. That shadow is something that is reflective of us, but only a negative projection- it alludes to the darkness. Ancients had a strong respect for the darkness and the mystery it held. The night-time was when spirits came back from the dead, and where negative things would manifest. Life is comprised of equal parts of darkness and light. That spectrum is what allows us to see, feel, experience, and understand. Contrast is important, without it we are blind. Darkness is necessary to allow us to sleep, rest, relax, and dream…its the part of our lives that allows us to regenerate and rejuvenate. Without darkness, we would burnt out. Without light, we wouldn’t get the chance to burn –  we simply wouldn’t exist.  Both darkness and light resides in us, and it is up to us to find balance…because balance is the key to life.

Love is light, because love leads to creation. The Ego is only our shadow. It’s an empty void that needs to be filled in order to be humanized and come alive. It’s the darkness in shadows that we are born to fear. The ego wants control, and the Sun is in supreme control of all things on earth. We are ingrained with this spectrum from birth. It’s allows for reason and understanding.

Surrender to the Sun and give into the light. The light is love, and love will guide you through your darkest moments in life.

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