This Shocking Video Puts the Gravity of War into a Powerful Perspective

In just three years since the start of the Syrian crisis, over 10,000 children have died, and 2.3 million people are now refugees. Take into consideration that 2.3 million people being refugees essentially would be like the entire state of New Mexico being homeless (their population is currently 2,085,287), plus an additional 200,000 people on top of that.

The video below is a powerful representation of what it would mean if something like the Syrian crisis happened on our soil, and it’s message “just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening” is haunting, and affecting beyond words. We are all one, and what happens in Syria also does affect us – pain, war, and devastation are all ripples in the giant “waters of life” and we can collectively help heal these wounds by raising our voices and spreading awareness of the devastation that is happening, and doing our part to help. Even if it is something as small as passing this video along, and educating people about this crisis to help raise the collective consciousness towards the plight of a nation that is not as lucky as we are.

No man is an island, and it is important for us to empathize with those who aren’t as lucky as us, because the future is not guaranteed, and if we were ever in this position I am sure we would be wanting all the help we could get. To learn even more about the Syrian Crisis, please visit: Syria Deeply.

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