Countries With the Lowest and Highest IQs

While many Americans ponder what “conscious uncoupling” means, purchase their Vogue’s with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover, and blindly “because Obama” their decisions – it might take many aback to take a look at where we fall in the world when it comes to average IQs, and it may be time for the collective to reassess their priorities and stop drinking the “cult of personality” Kool-Aid.

America sadly falls at #19 on this list with an average IQ of 98. This number equates to a little below average intelligence, and while IQ tests only measure logic (not creative abilities, etc.) – it is a little disheartening to see how low our country falls on this list.

Countries With The Highest Average IQ

Rank/Country/Average IQ

1. Hong Kong: 107

2. South Korea: 106

3. Japan: 105

4. Taiwan: 104

5. Singapore: 103

6. Austria: 102

6. Germany: 102

6. Italy: 102

6. Netherlands: 102

10. Sweden: 101

10. Switzerland: 101

12. Belgium: 100

12. China: 100

12. New Zealand: 100

12. United Kingdom: 100

16. Hungary: 99

16. Poland: 99

16. Spain: 99

19. Australia: 98

19. Denmark: 98

19. France: 98

19. Mongolia: 98

19. Norway: 98

19. United States: 98

25. Canada: 97

25. Czech Republic: 97

25. Finland: 97

Countries With The Lowest Average IQ

1. Equatorial Guinea: 59

2. Ethiopia: 63

3. Sierra Leone: 64

4. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 65

5. Zimbabwe: 66

5. Guinea: 66

7. Nigeria: 67

8. Ghana: 71

9. Tanzania: 72

9. Sudan: 72

Our founding fathers were brilliant men who sought liberation from the tyranny of Europe, to live their lives free. To create, to construct, to be enlightened, and to follow the Constitutional right of the pursuit of happiness. However, as time has gone by, and we assess the current climate of our (once) great nation, it seems that these high hopes have been replaced by complacency and reliance on a social system that has been designed to keep the masses content and quiet. Essentially…we sleep, they live.

I feel that many have forgotten the power of learning, and the beauty of our minds. Instead of continuing to educate, read, and learn after receiving “certificates of completion” (aka: degrees) from the institutions society is indebted to, many just become corporate slaves, only finding solace in the reality shows they set their DVRs to record. While others don’t even bother to complete high school or go to college at all, and just succumb to a less than average existence.

It’s time to wake up and see the big picture, and the big picture is that our power lies in our intellect, consciousness, and awareness of the world around us. Power does not lie in having “superficial bulimia” which is essentially just regurgitating information that is completely trivial, irrelevant, and pre-programmed for you to believe from a system that does NOT work for you.

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