Daring to Feel in a Numb Society

Emotion is what makes man feel alive. His ability to feel deeply, to have empathy and compassion, and to be sensitive to both internal and external factors by exercising present moment awareness frequently are the actions that enable him to execute his passions in a manner filled with truth so deep that it possesses the power to connect him with others and with the universe as a whole. Without feeling, he is merely existing, not living. The inconvenient truth about this is that modern day society will stop at nothing to do anything in their power to suppress emotion which is fully felt, also known as being human.

A pill exists for literally every possible emotion, and the average human will readily pop such pills, thereby inhibiting the possibility of living a life without limits. Not allowing emotion to be felt not only keeps an individual’s potential small and limited, but it works against the natural course of survival, of instinct. Man is meant to be in touch with his inner self. His ability to feel is not a mistake, but his ability to invent has been grotesquely abused.

The understanding of emotions is vital to living freely and feral, as mankind is meant to live with nature, not on nature. This means embracing heartbreak and suffering along with the good. The understanding of this is crucial to moving forward towards a way of life that is meaningful to the world as a whole. A way of life where mankind is continually evolving and changing.

Change is often seen as negative and frightening. In reality, it is positive, it is beautiful, and most of all, it is required for the progression of the human race. Most can agree that change is badly needed in the world we now live in; but few agree to actually take action to make such change happen, as doing so demands severing one’s self from the chains of society and embarking on a life that most shy away from. A life without limits. Not in the cute, google, inspirational quotes about freedom way. No. In a scary, risk taking way. In a way void of crutches, open to feelings, and beyond respectful of the environment.

When looking from a broader perspective, the truly terrifying thought is that not enough people will have the courage and will power to break out and boldly change the world around them. This is terrifying because eventually this will inevitably create change as well. However, things will drastically change for the worse.

We have all the materials needed to survive, to continually evolve, and to live a life of excitement. Society says to go to school, get married, have kids, be a housewife or sell your soul to a corporation for money, become a part of organized religion, and then take all you earn from doing so –mentally, physically, and spiritually- and eagerly forfeit it for items. With much sadness, one must acknowledge that brainless items now control the brains of mankind. When approached from this perspective, one can hardly claim the human race is evolving in any direction other than reverse.

The solution? It starts by not letting your inner child die, so you do not waste time dwelling on what could have been and instead focus on what is. Change can only happen in the present. Growth can only happen in the present. In fact, nothing is capable of happening anywhere but in the present. So, do not limit yourself or ever think you are “too old to learn something new.” As long as this moment exists, you can move. You can be happy. You can open your heart without fear, accepting the bad with the good as a part of life. You can realize deeply pain is a natural emotion you are meant to feel, as it works to strengthen and enlighten you. Most of all, you can live, really live. Breathing does not necessarily qualify as living, except in the scientific sense. Open your mind, open your heart. The universe and life, in all its beauty, awaits you.

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