Mysterious Rainbow Appears in Beautiful Photo of Tibetan Monk With Deer

The photo below of the Venerable K.C. Ayang Rinpoche was taken on July 26th, 1985. The Tibetan Buddhist monk was blessing the deer in Kyoto’s Nara Park, and had asked only once for a photo to be taken. Saying, “take a photo now”, nobody expected the picture to develop into such a beautiful moment.

The rainbow was not visible when the photo was taken, and did not appear until after the print was developed. Upon seeing the photo, Rinpoche believed his prayer blessing of the deer had been answered by the Buddha at that very moment. Rinpoche also said that he prays that “Whoever keeps this photo with strong confidence and devotion will become inseparable from compassion”.

This is a testament to the beauty of consciousness, and compassion. Seeing a visual affirmation of this gorgeous blessing of the universe, makes this photo a truly spectacular moment in time.

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